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Possibly the greatest £165.00 I've ever spent! Easy to setup, had an issue with starting the arcade games, resolved within 10 minutes of an email. It's every game I have ever owned or wanted to own in one tiny box. Cannot recommend the product and the service highly enough! Excellent!

Martin Cracknell

Originally posted on Trustpilot

What can I say about this thing that hasn't already been said about the wheel, penicillin or Scarlett Johansson.... this is the quite possibly 'THE' greatest invention ever!


"This is great bit of kit" gets bashed around on here like a fat girl on prom night, but that over used sentence does not do, what these beautiful people are offering justice at all! I've had my fingers burnt by the snake oil salesmen of the internet, with tongues of silver, promising a cure all for my gaming ailments. like the tonic salesmen of the old west and crossroads demons of legend, they make you promises that that translate from geek to 'buy this and you'll get the girl of your dreams', in a deal too good to be true and deliver naught but a irritating tw@ of a problem!, not only are you on average £200 lighter, you're left with something that isn't the girl of your dreams, but of the stuff where nightmares are born, where the women insist you watch the Kardashians on repeat, look like 10lbs of s**t in a 5lbs bag, and have a ars* like a bin bag full of coleslaw.

Not these guys though, they are essentially selling you your childhood wrapped in a time machine, it's a vessel with the ability to tell some of the greatest stories ever told. long thought to be lost in the ravagings of time. and thanks to this, they will be immortalised, around long after we have shuffled off this mortal coil, into the long goodnight, it's a preservation, a celebration and recognition for those story tellers who worked on these games, most long gone, ensuring their lifes work, their legacy lives on possibly forever, for generation after generation to enjoy.

This is the Ultima weapon, baby. the completed Triforce, the Golden Gun. If it were any smarter, it'd write a book, a book that would make Shakespeare look like it was written in crayon. And It would make Stephen Hawking read it to you. This is the Eiffel Tower. Kings of Leon’s 4th. The Mona Lisa. It's completely elegant, it's bafflingly beautiful, and it's capable of reducing the standing number of free hours you have to zero. I call it "Ex-Wife."

it literally is plug'n'play, but I'm not going to tell what this hardware this comes with or how easy it is to set up, all you need to know is weather you like the Italian plumber laying pipe or suspiciously fast hedgehogs, delivering papers, Command&Conquering or walking out at wrestle mania and everything in between, this delivers, simple as that!

The 'mini' series that is the craze at the moment is good and they do what they say they do but this is a little slice of heaven.

If you're anything like me, and by reading this review I’m guessing you are, when I first saw this my immediate thought was 'F*** you!! take all my money!!' and I wasn't wrong! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate this, I don't regret buying this for a second! my only regret is that now that I have 3 children I wish I only had 1 so that I could more time with it.

This is Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus curing the leper or Cameron Diaz in that red dress.... Ben and Dave are doing the lords work. at the pearly gates Saint Peter will welcome these Saints in to the kingdom of heaven with a standing ovation and God himself will abdicate the throne so these guys can take their rightful place!

Thank you Pi Retro Gaming, Thank you for giving me my childhood back and so much more!

I Salute You!!

Robert Beeley

Originally posted on Trustpilot

An outstanding product from an outstanding company. Arrived quickly and within minutes I was playing the best games of my youth. When I asked a question they responded within minutes and helped me get even more by setting up Dos on the system. Absolutely flawless. Cheers for giving me my childhood back!


Ben Robertson

Originally posted on Trustpilot

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