These are standalone consoles and do not require a computer or anything other equipment than a TV and the accessories that are dispatched with the console.

You simply plug in an HDMI cable, controller, Keyboard/Mouse (if you have them) and Power. Then switch on, navigate to your desired retro console and choose your game.

It is that easy ­čÖé

All consoles will work on any TV with an HDMI input. The games upscale to the TV and do not become blurred or pixelated. There are no known sound issues.

Pi 3 consoles are the weaker of the systems in terms of specs. They work 16 bit games (and PS1 32 bit games) with ease.

Android Consoles are run via an app that require an internet connection. The games are all on a server and you pick and choose the games you want. It’s very easy to do. This console is the most future proof of all the consoles as we can do auto updates, add games etc and new emulators over time.

XU4 consoles are the most powerful. They are capable of playing the 32bit consoles such as Dreamcast, N64 etc without hiccup. N64 emulation is quite difficult so the odd glitch may appear but the games all run smoothly. This allows us to house a lot more games than the Pi 3 consoles. Saturn is currently also being worked into the software.

Arcade, Next day Delivery*

Classic, Next day Delivery*

Keyboard Computer, Next day Delivery*

Extreme, Next day Delivery*

Epic is 10 – 15 Working days

Ultimate┬áis 10 – 15 Working days

Superior console is 20 – 25 working days. This is due to the sheer volume of orders we received. They are in extremely high demand.

Next working day delivery if ordered before 1pm on any weekday (Not including bank holidays)

Yes! You don’t use the normal in game saves for the majority of the consoles but instead use save states. This records your exact gameplay and saves it which in turn allows Arcade games, previously not able to save to be able to save and load up anytime you want.

The only console you can not save on currently is C64. 

You can play 4 player games with 4 controllers, either plugged in or wireless which gives great fun for family and friends.

There isn’t really a controller that is not compatible with any of our products, you can even use light guns, steering wheels and different retro controllers aswell as using PS4, PS3, Xbox controllers.

The SNES replica controllers do not work on Android devices but they work on all other Pi3 and XU4 consoles.

Yes! We have a great Facebook community with customers only who shared storie, games and we have our resident games master that runs competitions constantly to keep everything enjoyable, fun and a little competitive ­čÖé

Bare in mind this is a customer only group – Access will not be given without your order number

Our consoles are covered by 12 months warranty on hardware but we give you constant support whenever you need it. We usually work the Support tickets at between the hours of 12 and 8, Monday to Friday but you will often find we also answer outside of this time, plus our customer only group is full of great help and knowledge.

We offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, no matter the reason, simply send your console back in the original packaging and we will issue a refund within 30 days of receiving it.

Now that we are approaching Christmas they money back guarantee is extended to 30 days from Christmas day

Yes! The console is not set in stone. If you have a computer you can add any of your own games. It’s very easy to do and we can assist.

Yes we do, login and click help section. There is a vast database of knowledge here and if you don’t find what you want click submit ticket.

With Pi 3 and XU4 consoles, no! they are setup with games ready to go – it’s simply plug and play

Android consoles use our PRG app, which houses an the games on a server, you can choose your game and it will download and soon as it finishes just hit play. This is designed to save space, for some a hard drive is too much as they only want 20 games, so they chose what they want, kind of a personal customisation.