Forget the world cup, Sensible soccer is where it’s at!


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What brought this blog post on was that first of all I am caught up in World Cup fever, but also Xbox has just made the Xbox 360 version of Sensible World Of Soccer backwards compatible with the Xbox One. I was over the moon with this and already have I taken my beloved Glasgow Rangers to incredible heights over the course of five seasons. It brought back all the memories of Sensi…. But not so much Sensible World Of Soccer, we have to go back further than that.

It Was All The Kids Talked About

I was not really a computer kid back in the day. I was all about consoles, but one game that many kids talked about on their Amiga’s was Sensible Soccer. I played it at a friend’s house and I was hooked on it. It was the greatest game I had ever played (which was something I seemed to say a lot as a kid) and I really wanted to get my hands on it.

Thankfully Sensible Soccer was one of those 90’s game that was ported to pretty much every computer, console, and handheld under the sun. So I was more than able to get my Sensi fix at home. Now I did not get the game right away as I was a Super Nintendo kid and the SNES did get a port for a few years and to be honest, it was not as good as the Sega Mega Drive which is what I mainly want to talk about today.

Sensible Soccer Is What Football Is All About

It is really hard to describe just what makes Sensible Soccer so good. On the surface, it is the most basic sports game ever made. You just use one button, the graphics could not be any more simple and all the player’s names and teams are not correct (well on the Mega Drive version they were not) but the game was so much fun to play.

Sensible Soccer captures the joy of football so well. It is very easy to play, but there are little strategies and hot spots on the pitch that you can learn to give you an edge. Of course, if another player knows these tricks to the game becomes like chess! Sensible Soccer also has something else that makes football great, unpredictability. I swear sometimes the keeper will jump out of the way of the ball, sometimes your best player gets injured in the first second of the game and sometimes that strike from a million miles away will blast into the top corner. No matter how you good are when you are playing against another human player there is always an element of chance as to how the game will play out.

Sensible Soccer on the Sega Mega Drive is one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had in my life. While the teams and player names were not correct as they would replace the vowels so that the names were not exact, thus resulting in them not having to pay any kind of licensing fee. You could edit them so that they were correct, something the SNES version I would get a little while later did not allow you to do. This also meant you could easily keep the squads up to date and even create your own teams if you wanted.

What I most remember about Sensible Soccer is the summer of 1993. There was me and four of my closest friends and we would go to one of our buddies Stevens house who had the game for his Sega Mega Drive. We would play a five team league (thanks to the great customisation of Sensible Soccer) and it would get really, really heated. We did not screw around when it came to our Sensible Soccer league and I am not lying when I say that fights nearly broke out. However, no matter how heated things got as soon as we finished a league, we would start right up again!

Sensible Soccer, in my opinion, is one of the best games ever made by a British studio. Thanks to the different systems that our consoles can emulate, you can try out the different versions, but for me, the Sega Mega Drive version will always be my favourite. I would love to know what your experiences of Sensible Soccer are in the comments below.

By Guest Blogger: Jason Delacey

Dave Smith - PRG

Dave Smith - PRG

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