Game Trading Mistakes That Still Haunt Me!


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Game Trading Mistakes That Still Haunt Me!

These days many of us while still being game collectors like to have all our collections on one device (which of course is where we come in) however, looking back there are some game trades that I made back in the day that still haunts me.

Now let me say that I have required the games that I let go, but the stupidity of the decisions I made as a kid makes me think that my parents should have had me tested for some kind of mental disorder.

In truth, I could probably make a top ten list of dumb game trading decisions that I have made over the years, but I thought I would narrow it down to just a few.

Swapping Batman Forever For Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition

I know you are reading the headline there and thinking that I got a tremendous deal! I swapped one of my buddies straight up my copy of Batman Forever on the Sega Mega Drive for his Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition on the Sega Mega Drive. This is the deal of a lifetime, isn’t it????

Well, in theory, yes I got the better end of this deal. However, the Batman Forever that I had was rather unusual. It was a very special edition that was exclusive to a store called Woolworths (RIP Woolworths I still miss you!) it came with a making-of video, a little book and I think some stickers. Best of all it came in a really cool looking collectors box. I would not say that this Sega Mega Drive Batman Forever Collector’s Edition is super valuable. But I can tell you it is very, very uncommon. These things very rarely show up on the eBay and when they do they are not complete….mine was.

So my buddy agreed to the trade and we swapped. I had buyer’s remorse pretty damn quick as I already had Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES and that was way better than the Sega version I just got. Not only that within a week or two my friend had gotten rid of the big collector’s box.

While I have required Batman Forever on the Sega Mega Drive, I have never managed to find that collector’s edition box set that I had.

Paying To Trade Home Alone For Legend Of Zelda

Back in the 16-bit days, I did not have a video game store close to where I lived. The best thing I had was a market that had a stall which as well as selling games would allow you to trade them. They had this really weird trade system where they would give games a letter. So a game like Street Fighter II would be rated as an A and a game like Joe And Mac (awesome game by the way) would be rated at a B or C. You would pay five pounds to trade a game with the same letter grade. But if you wanted a game that was a higher grade than the one you were offering you had to pay an additional five pounds for each letter you jumped up.

Now, this market had a game I had my eye on for a while, Home Alone on the Super Nintendo. Now I loved the first Home Alone movie. Even to this day, it is a Christmas movie I love to watch with my son who also loves it. Back then I had very little money so game trading when I completed a game was something I did often.

I really wanted a new game and I looked at my SNES collection for a game to trade. I settled on Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Do not get me wrong, I loved this game and I had well and truly beaten it by this point. So I thought Legend Of Zelda was the best game to trade. Now the copy I had was mint. Even back then I had major OCD with my games and I would go as far to keep all my SNES cartridges inside the little bags they came in. I had the map, the instructions, and all the other stuff. I grabbed it off the shelf and made my way to the market.

I handed my game to the dude and he said it was an A game so I could have any game on the table for five pounds. If you traded a higher rated game for a lower one you still had to pay five pounds. I picked up Home Alone (which was rated D) and said I will have this one, please. Home Alone was not even in all that great condition if I am honest. The guy did not skip a beat and made the trade. He probably made it so quickly so that I did not change my mind or some other customer asked me what the hell I was doing.

I went home and after about an hour realised that Home Alone on the SNES was not the holiday classic as the movie was. As a matter of fact, the game was very, very frustrating and worst of all I traded my mint copy of A Link To The Past for it! Wait even worse than that, I actually paid to do this!

Please let me know what some of the worst game trading mistakes you have made are and if there are any you still kick yourself over in the comments section down below.

By: Jason Delacy (Guest Blogger)

Dave Smith - PRG

Dave Smith - PRG

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