Games List

Classic Console

Platforms include NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Gameboy, Atari and many more classics
9000+ GAMES!

Arcade Console

Over 3000 Arcade classics plus 7 more classic consoles
12,000+ Games

Keyboard Computer Console

Designed for Amiga, Amstrad, Spectrum & C64 gaming. Includes 9 more retro systems
17,000+ Games

Ultimate Console

All the above consoles with PS1 added extra
24,000+ Games

EPIC Console

The Epic is the same as the ultimate but uses the upgraded XU4 board inc. N64
24,000+ games

ExtReme Console

Includes previous consoles listed with the added benefit of Dreamcast & ScummVM
27,000+ games

Superior Console

Our top console with everything possible, includes added PSP, 3DO, DOS & Daphne
35,000+ games

Supreme 16GB Handheld Console

Our retro Handheld console for 8 and 16 bit gaming on the go.
7000+ games

Supreme 128gb handheld Console

Our top retro handheld console with added PS1 and Dreamcast for gaming on the go
9000+ games