I've recieved my console what do i do now?

You need to plug in the power, HDMI and your controllers! thats it!


On the odd occasion you may experience a black screen, don’t dispair, the SD card has come a little loose in transport. At the bottom of the console please pull the card out then push back in as far as it will go (please MAKE SURE power is off whilst doing this)


If you have a keyboard and mouse, please take the dongle out of the bottom of the mouse and pug it into the cosnole.


If you are using the ultimate console, the PS3 controllers are set as the main controllers, please use these initially.


Please read the rest of the comments below if you come across any issues


Ready to go 🙂
How do I connect my mouse and keyboard
Usually in the bottom of the mouse or the keyboard where the battery compartment is, you will find a dongle plug this into a USB slot and you are connected.
These can only be used in game for Spectrum, C64, Amiga, Amstrad and MAME
How do I connect my ps3 controllers
Plug your controller in


Press start
Press Config input
Press yes


Take out the cable fo the controller and press P3 on your control.


You should now be wireless


Shoudl you run into any problems please do the following


PS3 controller not connecting.

Turn the console off – unplug all controllers – turn on – when it asks for a gamepad it should say 1 detected – press and hold the p3 button.

If it says “no controller detected” – plug in – let it connect – hold the a button – unplug – it should stay connected.

If it says “Bluetooth failed” on start up – then using a keyboard, press F4 on the main menu – type this line of code in..

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth

Then press enter. Restart the console and it should now work.

How do I use Save Game
Whilst playing a game you can save at any point where you are – I do suggest getting to a safe position before saving
To Save – Press Select+R1
To Load – Press Select+L1
To choose a save game slot – Press Select and L or R on D-pad
There is no way to tell which slot has been used for which game – I do suggest remembering the slot number.
C64 and Arcade unfortunately do not have a save facility
How do I exit a game?
Very simply press Start + Select together for most games
For Amiga and C64 press F12 and Quit
For M.A.M.E press CTRL and ESC together
For Dos press CTRL and F9 together
How to use mouse and save in Amiga
The Amiga is automaticlly set to use the control pad so if you want to play point and click games such as cannon fodder or lemmings then simply:
Press F12
on the left click Input
Change Port0 to nubs by mouse
click resume
To save a game
Press F12
Click save game state on the left
Select a slot and save 🙂
How do I add and remove games from my console?

If you want to change the games around, you more than welcome to do so.


First of all you need to connect your console to the internet.


Now using a computer (must be a computer, not a tablet or phone)


Firstly goto, coolroms or any other rom sites you choose and download your chosen game.


If you game is compressed with rar, zip or 7z you need to extract them. Please do that with a program such as winrar, you can get this from


(Please note that MAME, CPS and NEOGEO must remain compressed)


Once you have done that please open file explorer on your computer


In the address bar at the top type in all caps, \RETROPIE


Should you get a “could not connect” then please type in the box ip address such as \


You can find your ip address on your console by pressing retropie off the main menu and then show ip.


When the folder opens please open the roms folder and then open the folder relating to your game(s)


now copy your games into this folder and when transferred go back to your console, press start, quit and restart emulation station


Done 🙂


To remove games – follow the steps to conenct to the retropie and just delete the game you dont want 🙂 please do not delete the folder – just delete the file




How do I use my controller on MAME
You should press either select or number 5 on your controller to add coins


You must use player 1 controller to start a game by pressing start on it after adding coins


The same is for Player 2, 3 and 4.


MAME/ARCADE game not working?
Wrestlefest is the prime example.


SImply start loading the game and when you see the grey box, press A on your controller


Now goto option 2 and hange the emulator to fbalpha2012 or mame2010
I'm having trouble loading/lag on N64 games, what can i do?

The odd game on the N64 is laggy or doesnt load properly, so we need to change the emulator.


When you select your game and it starts to load, a little grey box appears, at this point please press the A button on your control (this can only be done with the player 1 control)


Now you get another menu – Choose the first option and change the emulator


There are 6 emulators, so you may need to test different ones to find the right one that works


Please note that Goldeneye is notoriously laggy, this i cant help 🙁



The game is asking for a 2nd disk?
In the RetroArch menu (select+x) go to quick menu – disk control – disk index – select the disk you want to change it to. It should pick up your save game from there!
I want to use my SNES controller instead of my PS3 controller
You can use this menu to switch between controllers – so if you want to use the PS3 pad instead of snes then..

Select+x in game

input user 1 binds
change device index to PS3 controller
the snes controller will stop working
press auto save config using the PS3 controller
back out
select+triangle to exit.
Vice-Versa if you want the snes pad to control it instead of the PS3 controller.

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