Sir Clive is my hero


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Being born in the greatest year for English football means that I was also fortunate enough to be born at the age when gaming went from its infancy to adolescence & ultimately its adulthood.

Here’s my first foray into into gaming from a different viewpoint. At the ripe old age of 16 I was chosen to be a YOP (youth opportunities program) apprentice. This later changed the name to YTS (Youth training service, which also incurred the name Young Thick & Stupid) my particular role was to help set up & learn as much as possible about the old 8 bit computing scene as possible. I later found out that the reason I was chosen was due to the fact that I was what’s classed as a “late developer”, I was 4 foot 11″ and weighed 7 stone. This made me an ideal candidate for what the organisation had in mind. My first role as a single trainee in a building with 8 tutors. If I wasn’t being taught how to write programs in the old commodore vic 20 or the zx spectrum (and even the zx81) my main role was crawling under the floorboards (hence my small build being chosen over other people) to set up a network for BBC model A, B & Acorn electron computers for the trainees of the future.

So now, why the title “Sir Clive is my hero”? Sir Clive Sinclair brought us the z80, zx81, then the ultimate zx spectrum in 1982, he made it possible for people to learn computing, coding & gaming in a mass market on a limited budget.

Despite his previous business failures (he was the innovator of apple watches 30 years before Steve Jobs even dreamt of them) he threw his money into electric vehicles (again 30 years before Elon Musk dreamt of Tesla cars) he continued to innovate, invest & inject his intelligence into making gaming what it is today.

Without people like Sir Clive I truly believe we’d still be playing pong on grandstand style machines & paying £300+ for the privilege.

By: Stuart Wright

Dave Smith - PRG

Dave Smith - PRG

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