Techno Symbiosis by Robert Beeley


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You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘the human condition’, for those that haven’t it is a
succinct way of saying, we are born, we grow, we eat, we fuck and then we fucking die.
Simple as that! An essential explanation of the fundamentals of human life that has never or
will never change, until now! I would like to add ‘WE GAME’ to the list.
Philosophers, scientists and religious idols have pondered the human condition for

Buddha is my kinda of guy, I wouldn’t go as far as to call my spiritual brother fat, but the
guys got a weight problem, what you gonna do, he’s as I like to say “festively plump”. Does
that make a bad person? Fuck no! Makes him more likely to be a gamer! I fully believe that
if he was alive today he’d always be up for pizza and piretro night!
Buddhism teaches and explains the human condition like this. Life is essentially an arcade
game and we my friends are Super fucking Mario! In that we are caught in a perpetual cycle
of “unsatisfactoriness” of death and rebirth and are only liberated if we take the eightfold
path to enlightenment, or in other words if you fuck up this life and die fighting your inner
demons or bowser, you’ll respawn at the beginning to have another go at jumping on the
spikey fuckers head.

Literary Speaking the Human condition is typically used in reference to the big questions,
ambiguous question like “where did we come from”, “where are we going” and “what is the
meaning of life” which I am pleased to say that the answer is ‘42’
Philosophers have provided more than a few perspectives on the human condition, Plato is
my favourite, in the republic, he asked “what is justice?” no other species of animal has
anything remotely resembling the idea of justice. The concept of justice is fundamental to
the gaming world, every game ever made is dependent on it, weather you’re Link and Mario
trying to save the princess, commander Shepard trying to free us from the grips of the
reapers or just knocking a ball around a screen, determined to get the better of your
opponent, in the belief that you deserve to win for all the work you have put in.
However justice is just a concept held entirely in the human mind, as it is totally dependent
on perspective, it’s a multi-faceted construct that lives beyond the realm of political and
religious ideologies, the idea can change from person to person, dependent on their
personal point of view, which is why Plato’s Utopia is repeatedly used in books and films as
a writing tool and inevitably gets destroyed and replaced by someone else’s idea of utopia.
Command and conquer style if I have more tanks than you I tell you what is fucking fair.
conflict and justice are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one without the other
because we have to fight for what we believe is right. But it tends to be the victor that gets
to dictate what form justice takes.

Human life as we know started 65,000 years ago, up until 300 years ago. we’ve always had a
relatively short life 25-30 years. Now they have taken a very different approach to the
human condition and try to cure it, developing drugs and surgically procedures all aimed at

making us live longer expectancy and easier, life expectancy has tripled in the last 300 years,
which is great, it might take me fucking 80 years to finish demon’s souls!
Steve Hughes says the world’s saturated human population stands at 7.2 billion, it’s
estimated that almost a quarter of the population lives in India alone, with 28 million people
living in Mumbai, That’s just one city. Let’s put that in perspective. Australia, in a continent
twice the size of Europe. population est, 22 million. There’s no fucker there, (side note
Australians although they speak English, The don’t have a word or queue never needed
one!) in the west we’re always told we have freedom but I’m not sure that’s true, I’ve seen
Mumbai and you can do want ever you want. You wanna sell socks on a bridge, you can sell
socks on a fucking bridge! No shop, no stall, just 3 socks, a stapler and a hand grenade. I
swear I saw someone smoking depleted uranium. You wanna go to the doctor? Why would
you go see someone who lives in Chelsea with 6 mortgages when you don’t have to. There’s
a guy on the street selling medicine. The guys 500 years old got one tooth and he lives in a
bin, I’ll have whatever the fuck he’s on!

Science fiction writers want us to be scared of technology, writing about how machines will
rise up against us and deliver their own form of justice. because it plays on our fear of the
different, fear of the unknown. In world that is becoming smaller and smaller, we cannot let
our fear prejudice us against new ideas, new cultures. If we do. we can never move
forwards and are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
Humans are evolving at break neck speed, in the blink of an eye, we will move on to the
next page in the flip-book of evolution. Look back at today’s games like Pong or Zork, they
are Neanderthal man. Technology isn’t just machines its knowledge, skills, methods,
techniques… everything we use to make our lives better.
New technologies like cybernetics, synthetic intelligence, cryonics, molecular engineering
and augmented reality will forever change what it means to be human and the way we view

Moore’s law is a computing term, named after Gordon Moore co-founder of computing
behemoth intel. Some of you may have heard this phrase/observation before, some of you
may not, what it boils down is that computers get twice as fast or half the size every 6
months, and for the most part its true.
This website would not exist without these advances, what once took a couple of dozen
consoles and huge storage for the tens of thousands of games is not shrunk down to
something that fits in the palm of your hand. Like new jaw dropping handheld or epic or
souped-up extreme consoles these guys are selling,

We live in a world where VR, via exposure therapy is to treat soldiers with PTSD and
depression, a world where doctors use it to trick the mind during therapy sessions to
stimulate nerve regrowth in previously thought dead tissue. A world where computers are
used to educate children in areas where natural resources are so scarce. We are potentially
heading into a future where technology has become so inexpensive that the gap between

the haves and have-nots has all but been erased, a future where environment technologies
provides millions with safe and clean drinking water, nutritious food and access to clean
renewable energy, a future where horrific diseases like cancer and aids are eradicated
thanks to gnome medicine, a future where assembly line robotics would free workers from
mind-numbing jobs so they could pursue more rewarding fields, and above all a future in
which breakthrough technologies begin creating such an abundance of critical resources
that warring over them becomes unnecessary.
We are evolving the way we think, the way we communicate, the very way we interact with
the world around us and the way we go about spending all this extra time science has
afforded us. It’s also important to couple this with the wisdom and enlightenment that
philosophy and religion brings us.
We are perched on a strange cusp of history, where it is our responsibility to fight for this
future, this utopia and not allow big business to hijack the purity of our intensions, in a time
when the world feels like it’s been turned upside down, and nothing is as we imagined,
uncertainty is always a precursor for sweeping change; transformation is always preceded
by upheaval and fear. I urge you to place your faith not in the people who preach hate and
crave conflict but in the human capacity for creativity and compassion, no problem is too
large to overcome.
As we move into an undefined tomorrow, I am filled with hope. We will transform ourselves
into something greater than we can yet imagine, with power and technologies beyond our
wildest dreams, as we do we should bear in mind the wisdom of Sir Winston Churchill “the
price of greatness….. responsibility.” or if you prefer Uncle Ben “with great power… comes
great responsibility”

Written by Robert Beeley

Dave Smith - PRG

Dave Smith - PRG

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