What is this?

What is the console?

This console is as it says… It’s a console!

You can instantly access thousands of retro games via a very easy to use interface and depending on the package you choose, it depends what emulators (old consoles ie. SNES) comes with them.

Prices are dictated by accessories and SD Card size

How Does it work

Very easy.

Plug your console into any TV, plug in the HDMI, The controller, other accessories as needed

Turn on! it’s that easy!

Then you scroll to your system, eg. Mega Drive and select it, then scroll down to the game you want, select it and play!

Nothing else required!

See the Video below for the look and ease!

Delivery, Warranty and Returns

Delivery is usually 3 – 7 working days, please see our Delivery terms.

We offer a 12 month warranty.

We offer a 30 days no questions money back guarantee! Simply inform us within 30 days and we will arrange your return.

Do I need internet?


Just plug it in, all you need is the time to play!

Can I save Games?

Yes – infact if you look in the video below towards the end you will see in the bottom left corner the game saving and the different save slots available for different games.

Buy with confidence

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